The two foci of the home built electric vehicle community are the DIY Electric Car Forums for cars and trucks and Endless Sphere for smaller vehicles, from motorcycles to skateboards. There are countless build logs on those two forums where people record their progress and experiences building and driving their vehicles, and a smaller number of people write about this on their personal blogs as well.

Miles' eMoulton
LiveForPhysics' "Deathbike" Racing Motorcycle
Dogman's Longtail Frankenbike
Michael Elliot (amberwolf) Blog and Crazybike2
Matt Shumaker (recumpence) Blog and his Recumbent Trike Ebike Reviews and News

Some people I've heard about through the robotics community, so there's other stuff mixed in and many their vehicles are more for fun than utility.
Charles Guan, Scooters, go carts, hub motor design, teaches EV building at MIT
Shane Colton, Scooters, go carts, brushless motors and controllers
Jamison Go, Scooters
Xo Wang, Longboard
Daniel Gonzalez, Motorcycles, yet another Scooter
Adrian Tanner, More Scooters
Lennon Rogers' Electric Motorcycle

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